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Quality Piercing Jewellery

Piercing jewelerry of the highest quality

Quality does matter! Quality is our greatest concern in the production of piercing jewelry. Especially when it comes to first piercing jewelry, we do not make any trade offs. After all, this jewelry comes into direct contact with a wound, no matter how small it may be. All the more important that the material is harmless and the workmanship is impeccable.


Stone setting

With sparkling stones, it is not only the quality of the crystal itself that plays a crucial role; the setting also has a great influence on the appearance and longevity of the jewelry.

If the stone does not sit perfectly in the setting, dirt quickly accumulates. Likewise, water could accumulate during showering and cause stains and discolorations in the long term, which can also lead to a reduction in sparkle.


The result of our patented polishing process: Titanium in highly polished shines in radiant silver, which is not only beautiful for the eye but also for the piercing channel. The smoother the surface the less the friction of the jewelry, during the critical healing phase of the new piercing nothing rubs and scrapes. As a result, microbes can not hide.


Hard to see with the naked eye, but even more noticeable in the zoom: The quality of the threads is an important quality feature for piercing jewelry. Since the thread (in the case of external jewelry) is inserted directly through the piercing canal, sharp edges can quickly lead to small, barely visible injuries which in turn make the piercing susceptible to subsequent damage. A rounded thread with consistent stability.


Not all piercings are the same. Almost all piercings where bananas are used are surface piercings that can naturally grow out. The decisive factor in this process is how disturbing our body finds the jewelry. Our jewelry is only bent as far as absolutely necessary. Since no piercing canal in the world can be pierced “around the corner”, it is clear that angled bananas strain the piercing canal and encourage the jewelry to grow out.


Our titanium jewelry bears the label “made in Germany”. The jewelry is produced from start to finish in Germany and not only assembled locally. Even the material is purchased in Germany, with material and test certificate.
This may be more expensive than chasing the best price worldwide, but even in the raw materials market there is a coming and going of companies that turn “shady business” lured by the quick profit.

Since we produce a lot of jewelry specifically for first use, consistent and high quality of the raw material is essential.
For this reason, we have been working with reliable and established partners for many years in order not to take any risks when purchasing raw materials.
Of course, it is not enough to keep an eye on quality only in purchasing, but also in production – which is therefore certified according to German industry standards
ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 and is constantly checked and monitored. If you want to put all this into a simple formula, it would be that consistency and experience are a higher good than the “optimization”
of purchasing and production for every cent. We prefer to rely on Made in Germany – for satisfied customers and maximum possible product safety in our industry.

Especially with a demanding material like titanium, the knowledge and experience available on site in our production facility in southern Germany from medical technology productions is a valuable treasure. In addition to these technical reasons, our firm commitment to the German market naturally also plays a major role for us. We export, thus invest and consciously promote the location in Germany.