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It all started on the top floor of Stephen’s Green shopping centre. In 1998, Dolores and Ian opened up the Celestial Ring piercing studio. In post-grunge Ireland, piercing studios were well sought after. It didn’t take long before Celestial Ring was completely booked out – there was clearly a big need for a piercing studio in Dublin.

Celestial ring

Ian and Dolores were joined by another piercer, Keith. Thanks to the instant success of Celestial Ring piercing, Ian and Dolores were able to offer tattoos 18 months later. Tattoo artists Cathal and Mick joined the shop in 1999. This makes Wildcat Ink the oldest tattoo and piercing shop in Dublin!

John donaghue and wildcat jewellery

For many years, Celestial Ring was buying most of its piercing jewellery from Wildcat, founded by John Donaghue in Brighton, England.

John Donoghue established Wildcat, England in 1986. John was the inventor of many common jewellery pieces used today. These include the Flesh Tunnel, Smooth Segment Ring and Microbells. This is jewellery that people love and wear all over the world! John was a pioneer. It is fair to say that the current success of the body piercing industry is partly due to the success of Wildcat.

Wildcat Ink Ireland

In 2001, we became a part of the Wildcat family as the only Irish distributor for Wildcat UK body jewellery. This is how Wildcat Ink was born. Wildcat stays true to the piercing and jewellery brand, and Ink represents the tattoo side of the business.

Wildcat Germany

In 1996, Martin and Ida Siedler founded Wildcat Germany and published its first catalogue. They also ran the first Dortmund Tattoo & Piercing Convention which was a huge milestone for the scene in Germany.

Wildcat is the first company to develop a technique that gives titanium the same shine as steel. Our titanium jewellery is sourced and made locally. In fact, the entire process from start to finish occurs in Germany.

Although the material is more expensive, our jewellery is designed to suit fresh piercings, so only the highest quality materials are considered. This means that you can rest assured our jewellery is piercer approved. Germany has been workin with established partners to gain the best material for our clients.

Our “made in Germany” guarantee also ensures that we adhere to the strictest Germany industry standards. Today, more than 400 Wildcat employees work every day at the headquarters in Germany and in the stores. Everyone at Wildcat has a lot of ambition and passion for the growth of the company and the industry of body piercing. Wildcat Ink are proud to be affiliated with such a high-quality brand and company.

Wildcat jewellery

Wildcat Ink now has two studios across both sides of the Millenium Bridge. Wildcat South is on Eustace St, Temple Bar and Wildcat North is on Jervis St. We are still the leading distributors for Wildcat jewellery across Ireland and the UK. Now, we can offer our clients the online Wildcat Jewellery store! We’re so excited for our clients to discover the high-quality and stunning jewellery we’ve been piercing you with for over 20 years.